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Lanie Spenser endured a childhood of merry-go-round foster homes before suffering an abusive marriage to Dr. Stanley Greystone. After twenty years of suppression by her husband, she musters the courage to divorce and begin a new life. College, trauma counseling, and an exciting career strengthen Lanie into a confident and capable woman. Feeling empowered and restored, she begins a new relationship. Brock Burnham is everything that Stanley was not-kind, tender, and loving. Brock's quest for adventure, sense of humor, and generous affection allow Lanie to feel hopeful about happy-ever-after's for the first time in her life.

On the very day she meets Brock, she attends Stanley's funeral. Her ex-husband's death injects a bevy of baby mamas and discarded children into Lanie's world. As the original wife, she inherits the bulk of his estate as well as a string of clues to piece together the labyrinth of Stanley's lurid activities. His death exposes a tangled web of indiscretions, damaged women, and unspeakable acts of cruelty.

With every new grain of discovery, Stanley's evil continues to reach from beyond the grave. Lanie's life unravels as her past collides with her present and she uncovers the darkest of Stanley's transgressions. Stanley's pre-meditated attempts to implicate Lanie in his crimes takes one ugly turn after another and there seems to be no end to the depths of Stanley's malevolence. Each twist of his manipulation plunges a blade deeper into her soul, not only threatening her cherished relationship with Brock, but also her mental stability.

After Lanie is compelled to recall every moment of her traumatized marriage, she retreats to a reclusive existence. Desperately holding on to happy memories of being with Brock, she prays reflection and self-forgiveness will keep her from tumbling down a dark and bottomless rabbit hole of despair. She eventually emerges from her self-imposed solitude to reclaim what has been there all along-the sunshine she needs. Loving herself. Loving life. Loving Brock. She hopes it's not too late.

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Intermission, Pirouettes and Promises Book Two is the awaited sequel to Opening Act, Pirouettes and Promises Book One.


Isabella "Izzy" Roccine-Cramer's journey continues in the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. With her wealthy husband Ashe Cramer as her producer, she stars in a movie based on her smash Broadway hit. Basking in their luxurious home, walking red carpets, and a surprise pregnancy, she and Ashe never dreamed of being so happy. Their joy is short-lived as someone from their past follows them to California, intent on destroying their lives. As one twisted traumatic event leads to another, Izzy is challenged to balance grief and motherhood while managing the Cramer fortunes.


Believing her dancing career may only be a cherished memory, she insists on relocating her family back to her refuge-New York City. She knows it's the only hope of regaining her confidence and establishing a comfortable home for her children. Her anonymity, a thing of the past, becomes her most treasured wish as she is thrust into society's upper crust.


Finding the desire and time to dance again seems impossible until a chance meeting with Hollywood's most famous leading man. Callen Stone's swagger and playful approach to life may be just what Izzy needs. Callen's rogue reputation, in spite of his staggering good looks and exceptional dance skills, combined with Izzy's fear of love may mean that their burgeoning relationship is ill-fated from the start.

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Winner: 2021 Firebird Book Award for Contemporary Fiction

Winner: 2021 Firebird Book Award for New Fiction

Isabella “Izzy” Roccine has never experienced a man’s kiss, other than a tight-lipped stage kiss. She knows nothing about romance and little about life. After landing a job on Broadway, she heads to New York City with a suitcase full of dance shoes and dreams. She’s made a promise to herself to finally fall in love.

When she thinks her very first boyfriend, firefighter Brandon O’Conner, rejects her because of a secret she has withheld from him, her life begins to crumble. Her career comes to a halt and she grabs a lifeline offered by a man that leads a duplicitous life. Ashe Cramer is a mega-rich socialite by night and porn star by day. He provides carnal pleasure and offers financial abundance to her, but his inability to connect emotionally means the relationship with Izzy remains empty.

As Izzy’s life continues to pirouette towards implosion, she considers returning home broken. When she’s given a second chance with Brandon, she’s determined to reclaim all that’s been lost. Resurrecting her determined spirit, she fights for everything and everyone important to her. Resilient and wiser, even unbelievable heartbreak doesn’t stop her from living the life she’s always imagined.

Opening Act is the first installment in the Pirouettes and Promises Series. Stand-alone. No cliffhangers.

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