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I love writing about the stories and characters in my imagination, dusted with a healthy sprinkle of reality. Peek in from time to time to see what's new.


The Urban Mermaid

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Real life mimics fantasy and fairytales—sometimes.


Ginny Benson

I’m a street-smart ‘mermaid’ that never learned to swim or find where I fit. My late husband was much older than me. You’re probably thinking I was a trophy wife. Hah—I was barely a wife in the biblical-sense, and I was certainly never a trophy.

Women my age are usually in corner offices wearing sensible manicures and/or settled in white-picket fence mode. I have exotic dancing and housewife-ing as my only life experiences. I’ve never had a love story or a true best friend. I thought I’d found both when I met Geoff, but I abandoned him—high, dry, and confused—when I realized I was a weighty burden that would pull him under.

So now, I’ve returned to living on the streets, running from my past and avoiding any future. I spend my time sketching daydreams in a tattered notebook and trying to remember Geoff’s face. However, I’ll never forget being held in his arms or how my heart raced when he whispered he loved me. I’m not worthy of a man like him. Society will never accept a bag-lady to be involved with an important businessman. I plan to wander in anonymity until the dark ocean of life swallows me. This is my story.

Geoff Keogh

I met a beautiful woman while she was dumpster-diving. As she sprawled across a trash receptacle, appearing as if in a mirage, she resembled a graceful goddess. A miraculous thing happened—my stagnant heart jump-started. As I got to know her, I was forced to examine every inherent bias I’ve ever held about those less fortunate than me. As if destined, we developed a deep and meaningful connection free of pretense and presumption.

My late mother was fond of two things—giving her children names with complicated spellings and anointing me a caretaker, but she never warned me that some people will run from benevolence. I’m consumed with fear I’ll never see Ginny again. I’m determined to walk the streets until the day I die looking for this woman I passionately love. This isn’t my story; I’m insignificant. A woman as unique as Ginny is profoundly more important to the world. This is her story.


The Original Wife 

narrated by Carol Beth Anderson 

(See Book page for full synopsis and purchase information.)

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The Original Wife Firebird Awards Firebird Awards:

2021 Winner for Contemporary Novel

2021 Winner for Crime Fiction

2021 Winner for Romantic Suspense

2021 Winner for Women's Issues

Other Titles


Deborah Wynne


Winner: 2021 Firebird Book Award for Contemporary Fiction

Winner: 2021 Firebird Book Award for New Fiction

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Upcoming Projects

  • Encore COMING 2024 (Book 3 of Pirouettes and Promises)

  • Cassie's Woods COMING 2024 (Conspiracy Thriller)

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